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Who can earn a TEFL Certificate?

You may be a candidate for the TEFL Academy of Arizona course if any of the following applies to you!

  • Candidates will be committed to follow a course taught at the college level
  • Candidates with experience being a student of a foreign language for any period of time who understand the importance of English grammar as it relates to learning a new language
  • College graduates looking for an opportunity to see the world are good candidates. By acquiring international experience they may be more highly valued to future employers.
  • Candidates transitioning from one area of the workforce to ESL because they desire a rewarding new career helping others.
  • Candidates who wish to give back to the community and share the language skills they have acquired to assist others to integrate more fully in the community and workforce.
  • Candidates with experience teaching who have the desire to acquire a specific, focused, practical skill set in the area of teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language at home or abroad.
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